This post comes actually as a response to many queries I have received recently. It seems like everyone has a wedding to go to this Spring/Summer and the usual question is; what to wear? No one, however, has asked me what not to wear which, I think, is essential when trying to decide on an outfit as a wedding guest.

To help someone choose the best outfit for the wedding, I would need to know the following;

  • when & where

I would need to know the month and what the temperatures will be in that particular place. You will certainly wear something different if the wedding is in a county hall in London to a beach wedding in Mediterranean. Some wedding are more elegant than others, some weddings have themes or special dress codes.

  • who

Who is getting married and your relationship to the person; are you a sister, best friend or a cousin the newlyweds have not seen since you were 5. It is important for me to know this and for you to consider it as that we will help to determine the degree of elegance, the utility of the outfit and consequently the budget.

  • how much

One of the most important questions when shopping for my clients is about the budget and if the budget also includes shoes and accessories. You can get a dress in high or low end high street shops or a designer or even better yet vintage, depending on how much you can splash on your look.

I am not even mentioning here your body proportions, fabrics and colours as this would just add to the list of the factors according to which I would be choosing your perfect wedding outfit. I do hope you take that into account too!

So at this point, not knowing much about your wedding, I cannot suggest anything, however, I can tell you what you should definitely avoid regardless of all the aspects mentioned above. The dangers of being remembered after the wedding are high enough so let’s try not to make any faux pas with how we look.


Remember there should be no doubt who the bride is on the wedding day so please make sure not to wear anything that has any reference to a wedding gown. This is extremely important as, trust me, the bride will hold it against you and rightfully so. It is not Ok not to be creative enough nor to consider the fact that nowadays brides can deviate from a traditional snow white wedding dress. In the light of this, I strictly forbid you to wear the following;

  • white unless it is with colourful prints of some sort
  • lace in white, nude, taupe or light pink
  • long, light colour dresses




I know that a wedding party for some is an occasion to actually meet someone or to simply show how hard we have worked for the last year in the gym.  We dress to impress! It is all good until the dress we choose reveals a little bit too much and our cleavage or the side view of our glutes becomes the main attraction of the wedding . I hope you do not want to be remembered as “that girl” who wore that skimpy dress and stole all the attention from the bride! Considering this, I advise not to wear the following;

  • well fitted mini dresses
  • see-through mini dresses
  • mini dresses with a plunging neckline



I know that it is a shame to spend money on a dress that will be worn potentially only on one or two occasions. Of course, I would advise and search myself for outfits that can be utilised later but this is never at the expense of the overall look. There is a possibility that the office dress can go to the wedding with the right shoes and jewellery or your day dress, if spiced up, will be good enough for a special occasion, however, sometimes we just really need to choose something specifically for that day. Bearing that in mind, I beg of you not to wear the following;

  • your office suit
  • cotton dresses
  • espadrilles which you wear on holidays




I really hope this post will throw more light on what is wedding guest appropriate outfit and that it will help you make the right decision. If you still struggle, come and I will shop with you so you are the best looking wedding guest ever!



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