Working with one person as a stylist is absolutely magical but working with a group is a totally different level of an adventure that you can never predict! This is why I love to combine both in my personal styling work.
On June 29th I was invited to lead a styling workshop in Warsaw with the cooperation of a fashion and lifestyle blogger Partycjastory.pl, food blogger Apetyt na Zielone  and Strefa 3 – a venue and an initiative to organise inspiring events, plus Szafa Gra – a vintage/ second hand boutique which rented their clothes for the event. Apart from that a polish brand Beluttieyewear provided us with a range of eyeglasses and shades to be given out to each workshop attendee!
As part of the prep stage, me and Patrycja visited the shop to choose clothes which I used later for the styling. We have found so many great pieces that it was hard to make a decision of what to leave; it was impossible of course to take everything! Szafa Gra has a lot to offer so if you are in Warsaw, I recommend popping in for a shopping spree. I am still crying over the mint pleated maxi skirt I did not buy for myself 🙁
We opened the workshop to 10 ladies who wanted to be given an advice on how to dress best and to be styled by me. Apart from the workshop attendees we also encouraged an audience to come and get an idea of what a workshop like that is all about. On that day, we experienced an absolutely apocalyptic weather so I was worried that it may stop many from coming; to my great surprise, everyone showed up!
We started with choosing the shades by Belutti; I must say I was really impressed with the quality and the design. It was fun helping everyone choose their perfect pair! I got mine too!
An event like that cannot go with a couple of words from me on why taking a decision to get advice on our looks is the best investment we can make; we do not see ourselves for real and this is why we do not look our best, we need to be shown and told. This is a lesson everyone should take once in their lifetime. I also always explain more about what I do because personal styling may still have a connotation of something for celebrities or it can be associated with spending loads of money on shopping that someone it asking you to do. My personal styling is based on helping my clients understand their body proportions, their best colour palette and style that best suits them; this all happens at no additional cost.
It is impossible to describe the wonderful energy and all that happened during that workshop; one just need to attend to understand how uplifting can be a company of other women who all have some struggles in life, all want to look good and feel happy. We shared great conversations, laughter and emotions that will remain long in my memory.
Our beautiful ladies got dressed and I discussed each attendee in terms of the choice of the outfit; how suitable it was per a particular body shape, why, what could be done with it to make it better etc. I wanted to give as much as I could so that everyone left with some piece of knowledge and styling tricks they could start using from then on.
We were finding out that details matter the most; a small jacket with the right sleeves, funky shoes and a scarf create a more interesting look than just a dress!
Showing the slimmest parts of our bodies (e.g. wrists), adding a belt or wearing shoes with platform for added comfort and to create more balance; these were just some of my tips I shared.
Fashion and trends were also on our agenda; here is a collection of super trendy floral patterns. How colourful and beautiful!
These were just some of the amazing workshop attendees that tried new colour combinations, new shape of eye-wear and new outfit solutions. Bravo to all of them!
For me personally, it was a very special time as I renewed contact with my dear high school friend Magda (on the left) who has a very successful blog with delicious healthy recipes Apetyt na Zielone and to get to know and make friends with a fantastic lifestyle and fashion blogger Patrycja @Patrycjastory.pl!
Big thanks for the event go to:
All attendees
Strefa 3 for event organisation and the venue
Szafa Gra for providing us with amazing clothes
Patrycjastory.pl and Apetyt na Zielone for event organisation and for being so wonderful and supportive to me throughout
Beluttieyewear for providing us with beautiful shades and eyeglasses
If you are interested in having a similar workshop organised for you and your friends, colleagues or you know anyone who would be, please get in touch.


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