valentine's day shopping inspirations



So how do you feel when you see hearts on clothes, bags or jewellery? Do you think it is cheesy, childish and cheap? Or on the contrary, does it melt your heart with the simple reminder that “love is all around”? I personally belong more to the latter group, however, it all depends on the item itself, of course! I would definitely not endorse cheap looking, metal heart necklace but a beautiful, quality item with a heart will always find my approval.


Weather you are spending this day with someone special or on your own, love should be celebrated in one way or another. Remember that the most important love and relationship in life is the one you have with yourself and I not only stand by it because Sarah Jessica Parker said it in Sex and the city, but because I truly believe this to be the case. Having said that, if you have no one to get you a beautiful present for Valentine’s, why not getting something for yourself?! Isn’t it great idea to show love to yourself and do or buy yourself something nice? My recommendation is to buy something which screams love, for instance, a necklace, bag or top with a heart symbol! You may think it is silly to get a heart necklace for yourself but I would disagree; I actually got myself one when I felt sad about my personal life at some point and I needed something pretty and something that maybe I would expect to receive from “that person”.


Denim and hearts go heart to heart and these mum’s jeans are too cute to miss. Jeans is definitely a wardrobe essential that will come handy all year round and the heart here makes them stand out! Then comes the heart skirt which will not only make you melt each time you wear it but it will add super stylish touch to your look. If you are all adventurous, get this statement hearts bomber jacket and pair it with jeans, black tee, heels or sneakers for a stylish, casual day out! I do not think I would enjoy sporting hearts on any other bag but by Moschino! When they do it, it is cute but still quite subtle and stylish.Talking about statement shoes? How about these versatile, black pumps with a golden heart at the front? I would style it both with dresses and jeans. My jewellery picks is a mix of fun, delicate pieces that you can wear with basically any outfit! I particularly love the Swarovski rose gold, double heart necklace!




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