It is true that I have been recently focusing more on restyling the items I already own and giving them new life, but I have also got a couple of new items I wanted to show you.
April for me was about adding new items in a classic form but with more edginess in terms of textures, finishes and shapes.


It is enough to have even one item that will stand out as this is something we are more likely to wear occasionally rather than as part of our daily capsule wardrobe. Although I do like simple and minimalistic cuts, I do love to add something a bit more adventurous which is very much in line not only with my nature but also with my styling work.
So what have we got here?


I went here against all my rules when I simply fell in love with the idea of having metallic leather jacket. At first, I was looking for silver finish as it is the metallic in my colour palette but when I saw this rose gold one, I decided to go one step further with adding an edge to my look. I absolutely love it not only for the beautiful style but also for the deal I got on this. I found it on ebay, brand new still with the price tag for almost 3/4 of the original price at Zara.


I simply could not leave this skirt seeing it for £6.00 on sale in H&M. I love the short/ midi combination with the sort of fishnet layer which looks really cool and original. This piece can be worn as a skirt on its own, layered over trousers or worn under super long jumper with only the eyelet part out. It could be a simple black midi skirt but I find this version so much more interesting.



You know I love everything that sparkles and shines so the metallic finish skirt has been on my mind for long time but since it was not a necessity I decided not to buy it on the high street until I found this one in a charity shop for £2.99. It would have been a sin not to take it especially that it was my size and exactly the colour I wanted; it is actually more satin than metallic but the effect is identical. There are always alternatives for things we want!


I am absolutely obsessed with white shirts and blouses; this is an item that is never a wrong idea! This one is actually a present and I think it is just gorgeous with the huge frills layered one over another and the off shoulder design. It has definitely the wow factor and I will be wearing it a lot!


I cannot tell you for how long I have been looking for exactly these sort of heels; black chunky block heel on a big platform. Sounds easy but I could not find anything that would have a walk-able heel and a platform and a nose that would add more volume to my feet to make my legs look more balanced with my whole silhouette. These come from Dune for £24.50 (50% off on sale!!)

Shopping and adding a spark to our closet does not have to mean splashing a lot of money; it s more about looking for alternatives and occasions for spend less but have what we want.

Happy shopping!

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