With the 1st day of spring last week, we can finally shed heavy winter coats and switch to much lighter outwear. Yay! We may have still colder days from time to time but, personally, I have decided not to resort to my winter coats; if it gets cold, I will layer up. Also, I don’t know about you, but me, when it gets warmer like that, I always feel like shopping for some cool spring jacket or coat.  This is, of course, unrealistic to update your spring jackets every year as they do not wear off so quickly and this is why I want to show you how you can make your current spring outwear more trendy and up to date without buying a new one, unless you really need it.
So what spring outwear do we typically have? I consider trench coat, bomber jacket, leather and denim jacket as the core spring/ summer outwears. I also have simple black lined coat but this is something extra. If you have any of those or maybe all, you can bring some fashion, current trends and fun with simple DIY that will cost you very little.

What will you need to update your spring coats/ jackets? Some fun gadgets!

Iron on or sew on patches
They are very trendy at the moment and most of the high street shops have their own selection with prices ranging from £4.99 to £2.49 (e.g. H&M patches now on sale) to £9.99 (e.g. Stradivarius has a wide selection). The designs are really beautiful and fun, choose those that go with you; maybe a slogan or a print that means something to you. I have got mine at H&M; I loved the colours and the designs. The patches will look great on a trench, denim, bomber or even a shirt.

Fabric paint
You can use it to create your own slogan at the back of a jacket or trench or add a pattern. I have got this metallic fabric paint on amazon for £.3.75 and decided to add lines on the sleeves of my denim jacket. It looks so much more interesting. You can also use the paint to write something on a T-shirt or shirt as well.

Floral embroidery sews on
The floral patters are huge this year and they are everywhere; on dresses, shirts, leather jackets and denim. To me, it brings in the folk accents making the outfit very feminine and sort of sweet. I really regret I am not patient enough to do my own embroidery but thankfully there are plenty of floral designs online. I got mine on ebay for £2.99 p; they are beautiful and great finish.

Mini diamonds or studs
To glam up an item, mini diamonds, studs or anything shiny will do the job just great. You will need to get a fabric glue for that too. This was you can adorn the cuffs, collar or side pockets.

Scraps of denim
I always keep scraps of denim of different colour as it can be a great addition to any item of clothing. An easy way to get some pieces of denim is to make shorts out of long jeans; keep the part which you have cut off as it can be very handy.

I decided to add patches on my bomber jacket. I have gone for colours that would go with the outwear and some fun designs that speak to me. The iron on method did not work as the patches fell off one by one, instead I used the fabric glue.

For the simple black coat, I decided to cut the sleeves and add the beautiful embroidery floral designs. I tried to use the fabric glue but it did not work on this material, so I sew it on. This coat has gained so much character and flare, I think.

As I am a big fan of metallic detailing on the denim, I used the silver fabric paint to add sleeve lines on my denim jacket and a big heart so when I turn my back to someone, they will see something that will hopefully make them smile.


This simple trench coat is not really in my perfect colour so I decided to add grey denim detailing on the collar and cuffs as grey is much better close to my face. I cut off the collar and the cuffs from a shirt that I did not wear anymore. It’s not a boring trench anymore, right?

So this is how one afternoon I transformed  my spring outwear in a very economic way. The only item that will take more time is the leather jacket as I am adding the tiny diamond studs on the collar and it is a bigger project. You can use those ideas in your way as they would work on alternative items too; just choose what is “you”. I absolutely love my “new” collection of spring outwear and I cannot wait to wear it!