Our hands are like our business cards. Keeping them nourished, beautiful and well-groomed is imperative as they are in the full view the whole day in so many scenarios. Hands are one of the first things people notice about us, often this is how we form an opinion about a person, don’t we? Looking and feeling good does not focus solely on make up, clothes and hair; every detail matters and having beautiful hands matters a lot in fact!
With spring in the full bloom now, we need to give the skin on our hands special care with revitalising treatments to help them recover from the months of cold temperatures.  They are especially exposed when it is cold and despite wearing gloves and moisturising, we are still at risk of having red, chapped, and rough skin. Low temperatures topped with daily chores and forgetting to use gloves or even the type of job we do, all contribute to the decrease in moisture levels and, consequently dryness of our hands and loss of the youthful look and feel of the skin.
In care of our hands, I wanted to share with you the set of products that provides full treatment to smooth out the skin on our hands and the whole process takes just 5 min every week. I fell in love with the set and cannot wait for my weekly satin hands treatment I do at home!


The set of Shea Scrub, Protecting Softener and Nourishing Cream lasts for up to 60 treatments so it is super efficient! Just imagine that each pamper session will in fact cost you £0.53! The mix of white tea and citrus give a beautiful fresh smell that will stay on your hands for long. I also love the light consistency of the moisturiser which does not make your hands sticky as some creams do.

This is what I do once a week to have smooth, soft and nourished hands; a mini pamper session of 3 steps that will keep your skin young and beautiful for years to come.


Apply and massage in the Protecting Softener  which leaves a thick coating of film to lock in the moisture of your skin. This is a preparation stage which ensures that your skin maintains its moisture barriers during the exfoliation stage.


Next, wash your hands in White Tea & Citrus Satin Smoothie Refining Shea Scrub which cleanses and exfoliates the skin helping to remove the dead skin. Massage the scrub into your hands until the tiny particles dissolve, then rinse and pat dry.


Now, it is time to apply the White Tea & Citrus Nourishing Shea Cream which provides 24h moisture even after washing your hands. It gives a real spa feel to your skin wrapping it in a hydrating mix of Shea butter, apricot and sunflower oils known to be rich in vitamins A, E and omega-3s. The smell of this cream is so amazing I tend to smell my hands all the time; it is like being in a garden full of fresh flowers!

If you would like to try Satin Hands set, please get in touch and I will organise a tester session for free for you and a couple of your friends. Alternatively, if you would like to buy the cosmetics, please contact me directly. The cost of the whole set is £32 and it lasts for 60 uses.