Is 4 days really enough to relax? Well, it all depends on how bad you need a break and how intense your life has been before going away! Also, it depends on how small or big the place is where you have planned to spend your hols.
We planned this short break back in winter time when we were still working full time and we decided to split our summer holidays into two; short stay in one place and another short stay somewhere else to make the most of our days off. Later, I really regretted not to book this trip for longer, however, in the end 4 days was perfect for this particular piece of the island!
Menorca, the smaller sister of Mallorca, is really tiny so when we were landing in Mahon (the capital city), I could see our final destination of medieval Ciutadella located 40min away from the airport. I have never experienced something like that!
We arrived on Thursday midday to Ciutadella which is an absolute gem with a beautiful mix of Gothic and Renaissance architecture, a maze of narrow, cobbled streets and delicious tapas places. So how to make the most of 4 days if you stay in Ciutadella?

#DAY 1

Arrival, settling down in the hotel and strolling around to town to find our way, planning where to go and getting bus tickets (if you do not drive) to the beach for next day plus cooling down with some fine canas. The tickets to the beach need to be bought in advance at the bus station near tourist information. Take route 68 or 62.

#DAY 2

We decided to see 3 beaches in one day! We took a morning bus to Son Saura beach (broad beach with very shallow waters, there is very little shade and both the beach and the water have some stuff that could be cleaned), from there we walked around 2km to Cala des Talaier (tiny beach among the rocks, beautiful with nice water), and then to Cala Turqueta located around 3-4km. We took the route by the sea front on the rocky desert; the views were spectacular but it is not the route to take with kids or with people having trouble walking).

#DAY 3

On the 3rd day we decided to pick one beach from the 3 we saw on day 2. We went back to our favourite beach Cala Turqueta to spend the whole day there! It was Saturday so it was busier than the previous day but still wonderful! The beach is located by the forest and it is surrounded by the rocks from where people jump to the water. There is a small bar located 15-20 min walk from the beach. The waters are beautiful!


It was Sunday so there was no bus going to the more remote, scenic beaches we wanted to visit. We decided to visit a beach near the resorts area (about 20min by bus) but we only spent there 2 hours as it was too touristy and commercial. Not recommended if you prefer, like us, quieter places close to nature. We got back to Ciutadella and we walked around eating ice cream and looking for a place where we could eat dinner. Bear in mind that Ciutadella is a very traditional town so everything is closed on Sunday till 11.00 am or even 12.00. It is super quiet and the bus service is limited.

  • Our hotel El Claustre de Ciutadella which is a former convent! Super atmospheric, clean and in a perfect location. I loved the huge terrace and the courtyard as well as the fact that I could smell the fresh seafood from the tapas place just across the street.
  •  The beautiful cobbled streets with stunning architecture and the fact there the town was not packed with tourists at all!


  • Clothes and shoe shops which looked more like art galleries! I wanted to buy so many things but I decided to be reasonable 🙂 These were the traditional menorcan shoes called Palmairas.

  • Jazzbah for the evening drink and late dance if you feel like and the night market by the harbour with local handicrafts.

  • Menorcan pastry Ensaimada for breakfast

  • Mouthwatering tapas  at Ca’n Raffa  generous portions at very good prices, you have to go there if you are in Ciutadella!

After 4 days we felt like it was just enough for that part of the island and if we were to stay, we would have moved to a new location. We got back home fully recharged, tanned and enriched in an experience of a new, beautiful place! Highly recommended if you are looking for a short but amazing break!


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