If you would like to meet me in person and have face to face session, this option is for you. I am based in London but I can travel to my clients who are based anywhere, which is the fun part of what I do! My Wardrobe Styling helps you to transform within one day just with your clothes, whereas the option of Personal Shopping (online or in person) adds the opportunity to refresh your wardrobe and your look with brand new clothes. For a more profound change which includes new hairstyle and professional photo session, you should consider VIP Style Makeover, which I think every woman should do once in her life. I also have a very competitive Personal Shopping offer for those needing an occasion outfit, brand new wardrobe content or some additions to what they already have. All in all, the in person styling gives you an opportunity to have a high level of tailor made styling experience with me being devoted to meeting your personal needs at 100%.  I also always "take care" of my clients after we have met giving them a one week style challenge with my feedback and tips on how to improve. For a more guided help after we have met, you can choose Online Styling which will enable you to have personal styling on everyday basis, receive personalised shopping suggestions and much more!