With the Valentine’s day in February it is the heart colour that we think about and wear more often than during any other month.
Although widely used during the Valentine’s day celebrations, red signifies lust rather than love (pink is the colour of love instead). It is energising and stimulating, hence rightly so not suitable in some contexts (e.g. outfits for a business setting). Wearing red usually carries some sort of hidden but powerful message; a need to stand out or to appear stronger and more powerful. Consider that next time you wear red!
Red is one of those colours that we either love, hate or we are scared to wear as it is too strong. I often hear “Red is not for me”. I can assure you that red suits everyone, but in the right tone for their colour palette!
So which is your red? If you thought there is one, you will be surprised! I have chosen only four, one from each season, but there are more.



My favourite way of wearing red is with denim so we could say different tones of navy and most recently with pink.



With Valentine’s day round the corner; think red. Wear it as a full outfit, in accessories or make up for a statement look.


Inspirations for different tones of red. I love all of them!


Find out your colour palette and wear your right red!
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