As much as I love shopping both for myself and for others, it is really hard to keep your wardrobe updated with the new trends all the time. It is not possible to buy everything as we would not have time in our lifespan to wear things off. If you get a pair of sandals one summer, the chances are they will be still like new next summer, so getting a brand new pair is something we would do because “we must have this new model”. If we have means for that, then sure why not, but for most of us getting a new pair every season can be a bit of extravagance.

I personally think, and this is the advice I give to everyone, that we should make the most and use what we have first before we go shopping. There is so much we can do with our current items just with a bit of imagination and time to give it a new life.  I understand that DIY projects are not for everyone though but I still wanted to share some tips on how to make old things like new.

Last time I was reviving my spring coats and this time it was the shoes project. This season the shoes are adorned with all sorts of appliques like fur, sequins, jewels, embroidery etc. I totally fell in love with those fur sandals and jewelled sneakers in Zara, and I decided that instead of buying new ones, I will remake the ones I have at home. It took me a movie time to have two new pairs of shoes I am so looking forward to be wearing!

All you need is a pair of flat slippers, piece of fur, fabric glue and thread/needle.


I absolutely love them for the cute design but also because they are perfect to create illusion of volume for bottom heavier silhouette. If you have big shoes like this, you can wear skinny trousers as they will even the proportions out.


Next ones were jewelled sneakers. I got those last year in Zara too and I decided to add a bit of glamour to them similarly to those I saw in Zara this season.