Running your own business either part time or full time means you do not take vacation from it. If what you do is your true passion, you actually do not need holidays! What it also means is that whether it is -30 or +30 degrees, you need to look your part because your business may as well happen at a networking event as it may happen over plane journey to Thailand. Saying that, it does not mean you have to live in a suit! You know what your business line is and what image is best for that (if you do not, contact me and we will talk about it!); what you need to ensure is that your summer look still conveys the same message you have outlined for yourself and your business regardless of the time of the year.

Having thought about my own wardrobe and looks for Summer; I realised that to adjust your entrepreneurial look when it gets hot; keep it cool but stylish and chic, you need to add details and create alternative looks to when it is cold.


I know it would be awesome if we could wear flip flops to a networking event but that is not such a great idea! Unless it is a beach or park event or meeting, try to wear something that is suitable for hot temperatures but still quite elegant. Men can opt for loafers; suede or woven ones will be a great option for business casual look. If it is more formal scenario, the usual leather brogues are a must!

Ladies, you have much wider choice to men which is usually the case so make the most of it. Again, flip flops are the best option for the beach or to get to a meeting for comfort, however, they are a no go if you want to be taken seriously in whatever business you are in. Instead, go for flat or heeled sling backs, loafers or elegant sandals. What matters here, at least for me, is the quality of shoes; genuine leather or suede will be friendlier to bare feet than artificial material.



There is nothing more mysterious and stylish in the same time than man/ woman in perfectly fitted shades! Make sure you have this accessory when the Sun comes out; it is not only an anti-ageing support but super chic addition to your outfit.

I have usually at least 2 pairs of sunglasses in assorted styles and colours, so I can match them with whatever outfit I am wearing. I used to invest in designer shades but after losing two pairs, I decided it is too of an expensive loss and somehow so common that, instead, my shades are usually within a range of £15. If you are, however, more careful, do invest in a quality statement pair.


Just like with Winter and Spring coats, which are totally different, you should have items in your capsule wardrobe for warm and cool seasons. Smart trousers, a suit, pencil or A-line skirt, blouses/ shirts and dresses for women can have their version for Spring/ Summer. While wool and tweed are perfect quality fabrics for Autumn/ Winter, you will suffer great deal if you try to wear them in 20+ temperatures. So instead of wearing a cotton dress or shorts to a networking event, opt for elegant attire but in light, airy and breathable fabrics. Linen, rayon, silk or chambray will be fantastic to keep you cool but still stylish and, to some degree, elegant.

I would invest in a spring/ summer suit in a light colour like powder blue, lilac, pink or grey. White suit will be fantastic and extremely versatile; remember you can also mix and match blazer and trousers with other items. Also make sure you have a selection of silk quality cotton tops that can be worn under your blazer.

Summer Suit

If you would like to refresh your Spring/ Summer look and make sure you look spot on in your entrepreneurial ventures, contact me and I will take you shopping. I have different packages for individual needs and budgets.