Finding the right pair of jeans is tough! Do you agree with me? If you do, read on!
Everyone needs a pair of perfect fitting jeans; it can be one, two or three pairs, or even more if you love them, but we do need to find the perfect fit because we will wear them very, very often.
What I find challenging, is that, at times, we have limited options. If it’s skinny jeans in, then you will not find any other type of jeans around. And as it comes to jeans, it is best to stick to the cut that is suitable for your shape and, instead, update it with the trendy detailing such as ripping, denim colour, embroidery or cuffs.
Having thought about it,¬†a word came to my mind which reflects our struggle and search for a perfect fitting jeans: “jeansology!” ūüôā
In this post, I want to show you how different jeans look on 2 types of shapes; slim angular (top images) and very curvy (bottom images). They both have much better options than just skinny jeans. One set of pictures comes from my denim styling session with Bea.

So how do we know which jeans fit us best?

We need to consider a couple of factors:
  • horizontal body proportions;¬†the proportion of our torso to our legs
  • vertical body proportions; our body shape
  • colour of the denim
  • our personal taste

There are 3 types of horizontal body types:

a) BALANCED BODY TYPE –¬†upper body length is about the same as your lower body length; proportional torso to legs’ length.
b) SHORT TORSO/ LONG LEGS Рshort torso/ high waist with elongated lower body.
According to TheChicFashionista; “you probably have a high waist that will be higher than your bent elbow.
c) LONG TORSO/ SHORT LEGS – the lower body seems to be short in comparison to upper body. Long torso and short legs, low and heavy bottom and “usually a low waist will be lower than your bent elbow” (TheChicFashionista)
a                      b                     c*
To find out which horizontal body type you are, do the following:
“stand up straight, and see if you can fit two hand widths under your bust to your waist (narrowest point). If you can fit more than two hand widths you have a long waist, less than two, a short waist”. (Imogen of Inside Out Style)
A balanced body type can fit two hand widths under the bust to the narrowest point of the waist.
Now that we know what body type we are, let’s move on to the next step which is balancing our body type with the right waist height.
Looking at the picture above, what we want to do it is to balance each type (even the balanced type needs some help!).
Type a (balanced type) despite the seemingly ideal proportions should focus on elongating legs as it is very easy for this shape to distort the ratios by the wrong shape. High-waisted and mid raise jeans are the best.
Type b (short torso/ long legs) does not have to worry about elongating legs but, instead, should aim at balancing the short torso. Low cut and mid raise jeans will work here best.
Type c (long torso, short legs) should focus on elongating legs and shortening the long torso. High-waisted and mid raise jeans will fit perfectly.

For the horizontal proportions, we need to now decide on the cut of the jeans that will best fit our body shape. This is when the drama starts and we wonder if we should compromise on the cut or trend. The answer is; always prioritise the cut which makes you look good. Forget about what others wear or what predominates in the stores. Go on a mission to find your shape and do not worry that you will be the only one wearing straight cut while everyone else sports jeggings.
Clothes are supposed to help us balance our bodies and not to expose our imperfections making us become even more aware of them. So why would you then wear a pair of skinny jeans especially if your bottom is heavier than the top part making it even more apparent, or if you arms are considerably wider than your hips making them look even smaller? We can do a lot of harm to our looks with clothes, let’s be mindful of that.So how to choose jeans to make sure we balance our body shapes?
They are sexy and feminine but be self-critical here and wear them in full view only if you feel super confident that they show your best assets. If this is not the case, keep them but style them in a way that turn them more into leggings. One more rule; always buy skinny jeans in even denim colour, with no wash out effects on the tights as it will be a disaster!¬†These are the worst style of jeans as the wash out part makes the tights’ area looks much bigger.
To make sure you keep the balance, style it this way:
  • with knee or over the knee boots – this way you will only show half of your legs which makes it easier to balance with the narrower or broader top
  • with top (sweater, blouse etc) below your hip line – the way skinny jeans cling to our our hips and bum can pose a risk of a very undesirable effect and show more than we want to. If you wear longer top and bigger shoes/ knee boots, there will be balance
  • with loose flat ankle boots – the floppy boot will make the leg appear smaller and if worn with a long-line coat/ blazer especially waterfall type, we will achieve an effect of a balanced silhouette
  • with midi or maxi light coat/ sleeveless blazer – the length of the suggested items will cover either excessive or redundant hip area. Pair it with bigger shoes e.g. platforms
  • with structured blazer (if you are bottom heavier) -arm padded structured blazer will give us a frame and draw en eye to the top part more than to the bottom. Still, make sure the blazer or the top underneath goes beyond your hips and take the shoe advice from the previous points.



Rather loose fit with slightly dropped crotch, sitting on the hip. Try your man’s jeans to have a taste of it. This is a very good fit to balance the body but not for everyone. This type of jeans will not work for ladies with short legs/ long torso body if worn with flat shoes. If you put a pair of heels, it will be much better. Boyfriend jeans are best for those who want to balance a short torso with long and skinny legs; the drop of the crotch and the loose fit will make the illusion of more volume on the lower part.
To make sure you keep the balance, style it this way:
  • with heels – if you are curvy or bottom heavy and you do want to wear boyfriend jeans, avoid flat shoes as the drop crotch and loose fit will make you look frumpy
  • with feminine tops and blouses – because this style is masculine in nature, pairing it with cute tops and blouses brings them closer to our world and the result is very flattering
  • with long line tops/ sweaters – this is to preserve the comfy and loose fit but to hide the dropped crotch which shortens our lower part.



Classic, versatile and unisex. The cut goes all the way down with the same width. Depending on the size you get, it can be either straight/ slim or straight/ more loose. This style is very good to balance the body; it sits on the hips and bum just right and goes straight on the legs without excessive clinging which helps to disguise any imperfections. The length of the straight jeans is vital, make sure it is not too long so it does not drag on the floor.
Choosing straight jeans, also ensure you are buying the right waist height as it may definitely change the way they work on your body.
 To make sure you keep the balance, style it this way:
  • ¬†with sports platform shoes to give yourself a bit of a lift
  • with wedge sandals for summer
  • with flat sandals
  • with top hat has something happening on the shoulders or arms to maintain balance

Mom jeans are high waist and they sort of go round around your hips and narrow their way down. It is a very feminine cut that will look flattering on many shapes. I particularly like mum’s jeans on curvy girls as they really accentuate full hips disguising fuller legs in the same time. Instead of skinny jeans, curvy ladies should opt for mom jeans; they look so much better in them!
 To make sure you keep the balance, style it this way:
  • with ankle boots
  • with platform shoes
  • with crop or tucked in tops
  • with long-line sweatshirts


Flares may be in and out but no one can deny their amazing power of balancing the body. They tend to sit tight on the hip and the tight and then go wider at the bottom. The bottom flare creates more volume at the bottom and this is how we have a visual illusion of an hourglass shape. This cut is great for both, classic look with a blazer and shirt, as well as boohoo style with wedges and some cool blouse or top. The new version is actually called “kick&flare” which is basically a cropped flare jeans; those look fab with ankle boots.
 To make sure you keep the balance, style it this way:
  • ¬†they look definitely better with heeled or wedge shoes or sandals
  • add a structured blazer to maximise the frame of the shoulders and hips
  • romantic tops; lace, off shoulder etc.
  • small tops and platform sports shoes
    The shape of jeans is also super flattering and does great job at balancing the shape. They are actually now the trendiest type (thank God!) and this is such good news. They may not have the typical feel of the usual pair of jeans but I am sure they will when more people will wear them. Wide leg jeans are usually high or mid waist and they go wide from the hip to the very bottom. This is sort of palazzo style which only clings on your waits a bit on your bum and hip. They are super chic and feminine as wells comfortable and good for our skin (tight jeans are our skin’s enemies!). They beautifully accentuate the waist and disguise any imperfections of the lower part.
To make sure you keep the balance, style it this way:
  • with wedge or heeled shoes/ sandals
  • with small tops and camis
  • with blouses with wide sleeves for a maximum balance
  • with long line duster coats or cardigans



I hope this post will help with choosing the right pair of jeans, if you feel, however, that you need help with assessing your body shape and proportions, I am always here to help with my Wardrobe Styling session.



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