Sometimes to cross the continents, all you need to do is to travel to another country. As rarely as it happens, it did happen to me on my weekend trip to Asturias, a region in north-west of Spain to attend a cross-cultural marriage reunion of western and eastern cultures; Spanish and Indian.
We landed in Oviedo, the capital of Asturias but we stayed in a quiet (at a daytime!) Pravia with the community under 9k which reminded me of my hometown in Poland. Asturias has both the coast and the mountain range as well as national parks so the landscape is diverse and it offers loads of outdoor activities. The local cuisine is said to be one of the best in Spain and the local dish that I liked the most was delicious Fabada Asturiana: Asturian bean and sausage casserole.
I never thought I would have a chance to wear this outfit again but there we go! It was tailored made for me in India a couple of years ago when I attended there a wedding during my holidays. I kept it a souvenir so it was great to reuse it. An outfit like that in India can be done even within one or two days. You go to the store, choose a fabric and a style, get measured and next time you come, it is ready.
If I was to choose it now, I would have gone for a totally different colour as this is absolutely not in my colour palette but back then I had no clue so I chose what seemed nice, at the time. What saves this outfit is the silver detailing but if it was golden, it would be too heavy and overwhelming for my skin tone, I would look completely drab! All the guests in general look beautiful and the colourful, exotic outfits made the party much more fun.
The traditional hindu ceremony is very long, if done the right way, it is around 2-3 hours. A special altar is prepared, adorned with loads of colourful flowers and a lot of elements needed to each of the rituals.
The wedding took place in the countryside far away from the hustle & bustle of the cities, the views were stunning and the air was clear. For me it was a great escape from London; time to relax and enjoy a very different lifestyle is good even for a short while.
Pravia where we stayed had a traditional square where Sunday market was held with local artisans. When I am away, I always look for an interesting looking doors; the one here was made of stunning grey brass. That was on Sunday when we had time to sleep in after the party and walk around the town checking out the market, eating Spanish tapas and drinking red wine. It was quite cool so my beloved jeans, white blouse and heavy sandals were perfect. The shawl from Mexico was handy as well and this is an item I always take when I travel.
For lunch, our friend who moved from the UK to Gijon, took us for a ride to a nearby super picturesque Italian style village of Cudillero with lovely colourful houses piled on top of each other. I would love to stay there overnight and have a breakfast in one of the cafes at the mouth of the village.
We stayed in the boutique hotel Antiguo Casino Hotel  in the centre of Pravia Antiguo. Our room was facing the mountain range so it was a bliss to wake up to a view like that. Highly recommended place to stay if you are in the area.

Sandals – All Saints

Jeans – Karen Millen

Blouse – H&M (not available anymore)

Bag – Warehouse


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