Do you struggle with colour monotonous wardrobe? Are you reluctant to try new colours in case they do not suit you? Are looking for ways to make your skin look more luminous, radiant, and fresh? Would you like to save money on shopping for clothes, make up and colouring your hair by knowing what colour tones make you look attractive instantly? Would you like to learn how to make a perfect day make up for your face shape and colour palette? Professional Colour & make up session with use of precision dyed fabrics for colours and professional make up kit will help you achieve all the above and more. The knowledge of knowing what colour tones lift your looks effortlessly is not only fascinating but also powerful! You finally know what suits you colour-wise and why! But for you to be able to realise what impact different tones of the same colour have on your looks, you need to see how each of them interact with your makeup less skin. Once you have your colour palette established, you will be able to coordinate your look to a stunning effect!


The session starts with establishing your colour palette. I use a set of professional colour drapes and try how 3 sets of primary colours from 4 colour palettes interact with your face; we are looking for the best effect where your skin tone is even and all the imperfections are minimised. I explain everything about different colour palettes and show you how colour tones differ. Once we establish your colour palette, I show you all your colour tones and how to mix& match colours for your clothes, what your best neutrals are and what jewellery to wear. The session ends with a day make masterclass up in your best colour tones.