“I had my styling session with Ewelina and I’m amazed with the results. Ewelina has a great eye on the detail and provide professional service to the customers. I’m very amazed with the results and my businesses style looks great and I had a positive feedback from other people about my casual outfits. In business first 7 second is crucial to make good first impression and Ewelina would give you a professional advice to look stunning. Highly recommended”

Peter U, Slough

“I was a bit dubious meting Ewelina at first as I wasn’t sure what she could do, I was concerned she’d suggest things I didn’t like, or suggest I buy loads. If I’m honest I also wondered if it would be worth the money! But I was inspired by seeing the difference she had made to a friends style and I went ahead and it was worth every penny, I only wished I’d done it years ago! I’ve waited a few weeks to write a review to really be sure of the impact. Ewelina came to my house, talked me through my colours and my wardrobe and gave me a very comprehensive report on all the advice she gave. The difference she has made has been fantastic, I have more confidence, I feel better about myself, more choice but less clothes!! I love my colours and have clarity as to what want and need in the future. None of my concerns were valid the improvements were all suited to me she really listened to my preferences and when she did suggest something ‘out of my comfort zone’ she wasn’t offended at my apprehension or adaption. I would thoroughly recommend Ewelina, be open to her suggestions, embrace her ideas and you’ll improve your style! Everyone should meet with her, we’d all look better and the world would be a brighter place!!”

Vania E, Cambrideshire

“I have had 2 sessions with Ewelina – colour analysis and home styling session. Ewelina reviewed my wardrobe, showed me how to match and mix my clothes, colours etc. In this way she opened my eyes for my wardrobe, changed my look and she teached me a lot! Thank you Ewelina for your professionalism, passionate, exceptional creativity and very positive energy. It was amazing evening and big fun !!! I strongly recommend such a sessions to everyone.”

Anna J, Warsaw

“I had my colour analysis and wardrobe style advice by Ewelina. Thank you for your professionalism and amazing knowledge. You have positively challenged my concerns/insecurities of what clothes I look best in. Thank you for giving me the confidence and knowledge how to dress to impress. It was a big eye opener session for me! I would highly recommend Ewelina to everyone!!! She is amazing in what she does! Thank you for all your help and support!”

Agnes C, Wokingham

“It was my dream for the long time to have a professional stylist & photo session.My coming birthday was the best timing to gift something like that to myself. I took a 3-day session with Ewelina and loved it!!! I wish I could share with you all the details but I decided not to, to give you the same chance for this unforgettable experience with lots of emotions. Ewelina did touch not only every piece in my wardrobe and gave new life to many of my clothes with different looks (even for those I bought and almost never worn) but also gave me make-up tutorial, took me for a new hairstyle and shopping to refresh my wardrobe choosing the most amazing clothes that I would not be brave to buy myself. Most importantly though, she injected a great deal of self-acceptance/love, self-confidence and being good to oneself. You can easily see it on before work, in progress and in the final professional photo snaps. That was an amazing gift from a women to women how to look, love and treat oneself.”

Agata S, New York

“I met Ewelina at one of the multiple networking events in London and at first I didn’t even plan to use the service of a personal stylist, however, due to the circumstances in my private life, I decided it was a time for a BIG change!!! Whom did I call? EWELINA! It was a quick decision and oh my, have not I regretted it a second!!! The warmth, the professionalism, the knowledge of colours, styles, trends, physiques, even characters was something you could feel from the moment you start your consultation and let Ewelina guide you through what is it that you will look your best in! My problem was also shopping as …. believe it or not … i HATE it with passion! Ewelina sent me links to internet shops where i could buy particular products which would suit me in terms of shapes and colours and the internet shopping and SALES changed my wardrobe in more or less a week. VERY GRATEFUL! I am still continuing my journey but it is so good to know that Ewelina is always there with a great advice at hand! Totally 5* personalised service worth every minute and every penny. Thank you ever so much Ewelina! You have helped me start my journey to a better and more adventurous ME!”

Magda V, London

“Thank you Ewelina, you were truly amazing. You are very professional and knowledgeable and I felt totally relaxed and comfortable with you. Having recently had a style consultation and colour analysis with Ewelina, I highly recommend the experience to anyone who struggles with choosing the right colours and styles to flatter their body shape. Book your appointment with Ewelina today! You will not regret it !”

Marta B, London

“Extremely knowledgeable and professional. I would give 6 stars if I could!”

Kate K, London

“Ewelina, that was fantastic day with you. I came with lots concern and not sure what to expect. During the day you got my heart , with your professional but very personal way of contact. I learned lots about myself and this helped my to build my self confidence. Thank you so much Ewelina!”

Kate W, Newbury

“Thank you for an amazing day. I appreciate that I had opportunity to get valuable advice. The event was very professional and I learned a lot. Highly recommended!”

Kate P, Slough

“Ewelina is amazing at what she does. I had my colour analysis and learnt so much. I’ve been wearing the wrong colours for my palette for many years. With the new colours I look 10 years younger! Highly recommend!”

Samantha H, London

“I was lucky enough to have two sessions with Ewelina plus one shopping outing – can’t wait for the next one. She had a very difficult task to go through my wardrobe and to convince me I need to say good bye to those of my clothes which were (putting it kindly) not flattering in shape or/and in colour. Then came my favourite moment when Ewelina put together new sets of outfits from was left in my wardrobe and It was such an eye-opener! Dressing up can be fun, creative and playful! Thanks Ewelina, I absolutely love our sessions! Highly recommended!”


Kate M, London