The time has come that a dress does not ultimately restrict us to smart shoes. This year, we want to be both feminine and comfortable. Practicality, utility and comfort have become leading factors behind designs and trends. What is more realistic; to run around in a dress and heels or in a dress and sneakers?

I see it especially applicable when doing city sightseeing or trying to run your chores in a place like London. Running your own business often requires moving around and a lot, commuting and carrying plenty of things. You may have your heel in a bag but sneakers will be much better to run up and down the escalators.

My favourite outfit for this summer of tropical  temperatures has been this super cute dress in white, pink and yellow tiny flowers from Topshop paired with white sneakers from Miss KG. As for the accessories,  I went for giant straw bag I got as gift from Tuscany, delicate jewellery from &otherstories and vintage shades from Nordic Poetry. No bra needed, needless to say.



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