I found clothes absolutely fascinating since I remember and my favourite place to play was an attic full of clothes. Also, at the age of 6 I knew I wanted to be fashion designer. I wish my mum kept the collection of my drawings with dolls and outfits; it would be fun to see it now!

To tell you the truth, being the youngest among my six sisters, was not really easy in terms of discovering my style as I would often inherit clothes after my sisters. I remember, however, that I would always save pocket money to buy something I chose. You would think at this point that this is what I did; studied fashion and this is how I ended up being a Stylist. I have to surprise you that that was not the story of my life.

Frankly, I do not know what happened with my dreams but I guess they were buried under the realms of a small town in Eastern Poland where I grew up; there was not much space to dream big and follow your passion. The idea was to focus on getting education that would get you "the real job".  This is what I did but my dreams came back to me couple of years ago when I was digging deep again to discover what I love, what makes my heart beat and what I want to do every day! I trained as Personal Stylist because this profession ticks all the boxes for me; working with and helping people, style and fashion plus great deal of personal development! Was it easy to leave behind my stable corporate career and two Masters degrees that got me the jobs? Not really. Was it worth it? Yes, definitely! I know that living true to yourself is the only way to feel that you actually live your life! My work is everything to me and I am on a mission to help my clients look and feel their absolute best!



Why me? Because I have been there too! I literally have gone trough the style journey I am taking my clients on. My style has really evolved but I have also had a style makeover with my mentor! I used to hate certain body parts. I used to compare myself to others setting impossible beauty standards until I was shown how to dress for who I am and how I look. I know that we can be very harsh with ourselves and the way we see ourselves is often far from true. I am 100% convinced, from my own experience, that we need a professional who will help us understand our body proportions, notice our best assets and choose a style that is best for us as individuals.

My personal styling is about helping women discover their true image potential; I start from scratch helping my clients understand what colour palette they are so they are able to choose best colour tones for their make up, clothes and hair. I teach them day make up and help them understand how to create frame for their face; which I think is the essential part of our daily beauty routine. Learning about individual body proportions, best fit and shape of clothes as well as specific style suitable to one's personality and lifestyle makes my personal styling a really profound and transformational experience. I also help my clients discover their clothes anew showing them to style them creatively and to the advantage of their style. I use a technique with relayed imagery which helps my clients see themselves before and after from a totally different perspective, and with fresh eyes and mind. The feedback I receive is that my style makeovers really help them feel beautiful and happy, which is my prime objective.