I am an established and experienced Stylist and Personal Shopper based in London but originating from Poland. Fashion and styling has always been my passion and my hobby. I am fascinated with the concept of clothes as a way to express who we are and how trends/ clothes evolved over different eras and always responded to the political, cultural and social changes.

Couple of years ago, I decided to follow my passion and I trained to be a stylist by taking a range of styling courses in London. Personally, I don't think that completing a styling course is enough to be a stylist. Everyone can learn how to dress in a correct way by choosing the "right" colours and shape of clothes. This, however, is not enough to help others look and feel in a desired way. A set of rules on body shapes and colour tones, is also not enough to make someone look stylish, fashionable and help them express themselves. To me styling is helping my clients introduce them to trends, brands and clothes that will make them look stylish and make them feel confident. Studying fashion and being up to date with what is trending now and what is available in the online and offline shops, is the main part of my work to ensure I can help my clients look fantastic.

Having worked with dozens of clients, I have learnt that everyone already has their own style, even if they think they do not. Everyone has an individual taste and aesthetics, a preference for certain fabrics, colours and patterns (or lack of it) and an idea of how they want to look. The challenge is to express it with clothes and this is where I help with my knowledge of fashion, trends and brands. I can assist you with creating an image you already have in mind for yourself. This style/ image is aligned with your personality, lifestyle and the way you want to be perceived. 



  • I discuss thoroughly your preferences for colours, textures, shapes and what looks you like. For instance, some clients prefer clean, minimalistic looks, others like feminine and elegant image, while someone else might want an egdy and bold image for themselves. By asking particular questions, I am able to establish and also advise what is best for you. I never impose an image that someone is not comfortable with; I always respect individual taste and needs. My role is to make this desired image happen by a careful selection of clothes. What I need to do as a Stylist though, is to gradually push you out of your comfort zone by suggesting adding certain elements that will help you look stylish and up to date. 


  • I do Wardrobe Styling; what it means is that I can review all your current clothes, shoes and accessories, and I can teach you how to style them in a trendy and current way. I also help to decide what to keep and what to get rid of; the wardrobes I leave behind only contain items which are 100% perfect for my clients.   


  • I create personalised fashion Pintrest boards. I choose style inspirations and particular items I think would suit you. I also upload the images of different outfits I styled during Wardrobe Review (if someone had it with me).


  • I do online shopping. With a much wider range of brands available online, I am able to find unique and ultra trendy items within different price ranges. It is very straightforward; after short consultation of what is needed (I require a full length image of you so I can determine what would suit you), I send a selection of items which can be ordered online. This is a great solution not only for a total shopping haul but also for an occasion shopping e.g. a wedding party, holiday etc.


  • I also do in person shopping; depending on the needs and budget, I take my clients to chosen shopping destinations in London. I am comfortable shopping for high street, luxury, independent boutiques and vintage assortment, and I have a great knowledge of the best places to go in London.

If you would like to find out more, email me and we can have a call to discuss if and how I could help you.