"I thoroughly enjoyed colour‭ consultation with Ewelina. What I initially thought would be a bit of fun, turned out to be a fascinating experience. After analysing my colour pallet it became quickly apparent that my usual go to colours are in fact too heavy. By showing me the correct colour shades my complexion instantly looked fresher and naturally radiant. Ewelina showed me that I still can wear any colour but in tones suitable for me. I’d recommend it wholeheartedly!"

Anna H, Guildford

"I highly recommend meeting Ewelina for a wardrobe styling and personal shopping session. She has a very professional approach and takes you as a unique individual. I had my session 3 months ago and everyone has noticed the difference not only in my style but also make up and my confidence. A session like that can really make a change to our life. Now, I also enjoy shopping because I know suits me, what to buy and what to avoid. Once again, highly recommended!"

Magda U, Warsaw

"I had wardrobe styling with Ewelina. Thank you for your professionalism and amazing knowledge. You have positively challenged my concerns/insecurities of what clothes I look best in. Thank you for giving me the confidence and knowledge how to dress to impress. It was a big eye opener session for me! I would highly recommend Ewelina to everyone!!! She is amazing in what she does! Thank you for all your help and support!"

Agnes C, Wokingham

"I was lucky enough to have two sessions with Ewelina plus one shopping outing - can't wait for the next one. She had a very difficult task to go through my wardrobe and to convince me I need to say good bye to those of my clothes which were (putting it kindly) not flattering in shape or/and in colour. Then came my favourite moment when Ewelina put together new sets of outfits from was left in my wardrobe and It was such an eye-opener! Dressing up can be fun, creative and playful!

Kate M, London